Celebrity Reflection – What I’m Doing 7 Days from our Sailing Date

Our 10-day Caribbean cruise on the Celebrity Reflection is only seven days away. I can’t wait to board the ship and spend the next ten days taking full advantage of Celebrity’s hospitality while sailing our way through the sunny Caribbean.

Using some of the tips from my Ten Best Tips to Get the Most Out of Your Next Cruise and with only a week to go, here are the preparations I have been focused on:
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How to Get the Most Out of Your Next Cruise

How to get the most our of your next cruise


Cruising is like no other vacation. With a staff providing impeccable service available to cater to your every need, multiple dining options with unlimited amounts of food and drinks, numerous activities and entertainment options plus the ability to visit scenic and tropical destinations cruising is definitely addicting.

Between website reviews, travel blogs, brochures and articles there is a lot of information available about cruising; from the best itinerary, the best ship, the best cabin, the best packing list and how to get the best deal. But from all the “top ten lists” and “best cruise hacks”, what is the most important advice that will actually help you get the best value as well as the best experience on your next cruise?

In How to Get the Most Out of Your Next Cruise, I have gathered together the top recommendations and most valuable tips that will help you make the most of your next or your first cruise vacation. I have boiled down the plethora of information into what is most important for you to consider when booking your cruise, how to take best advantage of your time onboard, as well as what features and options are good value for the money and what are the biggest wastes of money while cruising.

This book will not walk you through the entire vacation planning and booked process and it will not try to convince you that cruising is right for you. What it does do is cut through all the tips and information to give you the very best recommendations to help you plan and enjoy your next cruise vacation. Because luxury, yacht, river and other high end cruises have their own unique experiences and features, I will stick to the seven major cruise lines that operate in North America.

Download my ebook, How to Get the Most Out of your Next Cruise and read all my top recommendations for planning and enhancing your next cruise experience.

Ten Best Tips to Get the Most Out of Your Next Cruise

Cruising is like no other vacation.  Being catered to night and day, an unlimited amount of food and drinks, impeccable service, a multitude of activities and entertainment options plus visiting scenic and tropical destinations is definitely addicting.

Here are ten of my best tips to get the most out of your first or next cruise.

1. Select the Right Cruise Line

Although there are many cruise ships to choose from, each cruise line offers a distinct cruise experience. When choosing a cruise, it is important to choose one that will fit your lifestyle and what you are expecting from your vacation.

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