BOOM® by Cindy Joseph

All the cosmetics you need in three little sticks!

I have tried a lot of cosmetics and brands, from drugstore to luxury, looking for that one beauty routine or brand that I truly love. Some items I stick with because I really see the benefit but others I drop either right away or over time because the brand is too expensive for too little results.

When I first saw the advertising for BOOM® I thought it was too good to be true; all the cosmetics you need in three little sticks! But I liked the concept and the approach that Cindy Joseph was taking. Cindy was a make-up artist in the fashion and beauty industry for over 20 years and is now, at the age of 60, a professional model. BOOM products are formulated from her knowledge and experience of what ingredients are safe and effective versus ingredients that are “so-called natural” that merely add complexity and cost.

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