Top Five Home Cleaning Time Savers

So you can spend time on things that are more important and fun

Roomba by iRobot

Roomba 980 top five home cleaning time savers
Roomba by iRobot

Roomba has to be the best home cleaning time saver since the washing machine. A Roomba can vacuum and sweep the floors on an entire level of your home even while you are not there. Even homes with Golden Retrievers like mine can keep floors golden-dust-bunny free with little time or effort.

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Tips for Lowering Foreign Exchange Fees

Unless you travel exclusively within your own country, it is hard to avoid foreign exchange fees on purchases. What is most annoying is that in addition to paying the exchange rate between two currencies, you also pay a transaction fee of anywhere between 2% and 4% when you exchange cash or when you purchase items on your credit card that are priced in a foreign currency.

The Canadian Snowbird Association Currency Exchange Program

The Snowbird Currency Exchange program provides a cost effective way to exchange Canadian dollars to US dollars. The program works by pooling the funds of all participants and buying US dollars in bulk at a very competitive rate. Typically the exchange rate is 2 to 4 cents per dollar better than if you exchanged dollars at a financial institution.

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A Beginner’s Guide to Day Trading

This post will not tell you how I became a successful day trader making a thousand dollars a day in just 90 days. As tempting as it may be to think that making money trading stocks can be that easy, it’s not. Day trading is not easy and it will not make you instantly rich. In fact it is extremely difficult even for an educated person with investing experience.

However, it is possible to make money day trading. What it takes is training and self-discipline. The rewards include not only money and freedom from a 9 to 5 job, but a daily mental challenge that many will find very exhilarating. Others will find it extremely stressful and most people who begin day trading cannot overcome the mental barriers that our personalities create.

To be successful at day trading, you will need the right tools, education, patience and practice. If you think that day trading may be for you, here are a few tips to get you started.

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How to Set Up a Peloton-like Bike on a Budget

I really want a Peloton bike. Without a doubt Peloton is a state of the art indoor cycle with all the bells and whistles. But I also know what I am like with at-home fitness equipment and at $1995 plus delivery, I cannot afford to have a two thousand dollar investment turn into the latest drying rack for laundry.

So I thought I would start out my indoor cycling phase with a more economical Peloton-like set up. Indoor cycling was appealing to me especially during the winter season when the weather is less hospitable for outdoor running or biking. Indoor cycling provides the same great cardio workout and the same convenience of minimum equipment and prep time.

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