How to Simplify Weekly Meal Planning & Preparation

I am a busy person and there are lots of things that I want to accomplish in a day. But in order to have time for the personal pleasures I want to pursue like painting, reading, gardening or exercise, in addition to a full-time job, I have to simplify the many other tasks that take up my time; like meal planning and preparation. How many hours do I spend on grocery lists, shopping, planning, prepping and cooking meals! And how many times do I come home from work to be met at the door with the inevitable, “What’s for dinner?” If I didn’t happen to have a plan or prepared something in advance, we would end up eating less healthy and more expensive takeout meals.

Here are a few ideas that I have incorporated into my life to simplify weekly meal planning and preparation so that I have time to pursue more rewarding activities, while still preparing healthy, wholesome meals for myself and my family.

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Top Five Home Cleaning Time Savers

So you can spend time on things that are more important and fun

Roomba by iRobot

Roomba 980 top five home cleaning time savers
Roomba by iRobot

Roomba has to be the best home cleaning time saver since the washing machine. A Roomba can vacuum and sweep the floors on an entire level of your home even while you are not there. Even homes with Golden Retrievers like mine can keep floors golden-dust-bunny free with little time or effort.

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