About Me

Quintastic: “50 and fantastic: … Sexy, smart and with a ferocious new lease of life at 50 – they’re women whose mid-lives are far from a crisis.”

Despite the fact that I can’t believe I am actually 50, this definition caught my eye and helped me formalize the idea for this site.

Turning 50 was traumatic. I just couldn’t accept that half my life or more was behind me. Yet, it is and there is nothing that can change that. But I refuse to believe that this is the top of the mountain and it is all downhill from here. Why should 50 year old women be in crisis? Haven’t we earned, through our years of marriages, children, divorces, irritating bosses, headaches and hot flashes, the right to live the second half of our lives just as happy and just as, if not more, successful than the first half? I’m still smart. I want to still be sexy and ferociously attack life.

I grew up and raised a family in a sheltered suburban town in Eastern Canada.  After earning both a Bachelor of Science and a MBA in Marketing and Finance, I spend the past 25 years in middle management at a public utility.   Now I am ready for something different.

I hope you will join me through this discovery to simplify everyday life, focus on positive, self fulfilling activities and advance an independent, forward looking lifestyle at 50 and beyond.